100% Real Meat

Peak Refuel will never use TVP or any other filler in the meat we use. Our meals will always contain 100% USDA inspected meat.

Made in the USA

All Peak Refuel meals are freeze-dried and packaged in a USDA inspected & Level 2 SQF-certified facility located in Utah, USA.

High Quality

Rest assured Peak Refuel sources NON-GMO ingredients!

Premium Ingredients

All growers and suppliers for Peak Refuel ingredients must go through an extensive screening process before we choose to do business with them. We pride ourselves on quality and make sure everyone who plays a role in Peak Refuel can meet our high standards.

High Protein

Our meals have nearly double the amount of protein per serving than most of the outdoor meals on the market.

Fully Cooked

Our meals are fully prepared and cooked before they begin the freeze-drying process. Our food is then microbe-tested to ensure the highest possible quality.

Quick Prep

In creating our meals we understand that time on the trail is valuable, that’s why most Peak Refuel meals are ready to eat in 10 min.

Less Water to Rehydrate

Peak Refuel meals require less water to cook or rehydrate than most of the outdoor meals on the market. Less water to pack in or filter through a pump = happy hikers.


Pack weight is crucial for any outdoor adventure and freeze-dried meals are the definition of lightweight. With our heaviest meal weighing 6.35oz, Peak Refuel is the go-to for all outdoor adventures.