Venison Country Casserole

*LIMITED STOCK* HIGH PROTEIN | 100% REAL VENISON | PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Venison Country Casserole Ground Deer in a Creamy Sauce with Rice and Vegetables *All coupon codes excluded*


Premium Ingredients

If you wouldn’t eat it at home, why should it be on the mountain? All of our ingredients meet our strict standards for quality, so you get a meal you’d eat anywhere, anytime.

I wanted to create a meal that embodied the taste of a home-cooked meal while still providing the best fuel out there. With the perfect amount of rice, the creamiest sauce, and delicious veggies, you'll feel like you're sitting at a dinner table even in the deepest part of the backcountry. This will definitely leave you wanting more - I'm pumped for you to try it!

A portion of the proceeds from this meal will be donated to meaningful wildlife conservation projects - Thank you for your support! 


Peak venison meat is proudly sourced from Durham Ranch, based in Gillette, WY USA 

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Cory Staniforth
"Peak Refuel is what I eat in the mountains! It's the best mountain food there is!" - @cory_staniforth
Cory Staniforth
Lance Harris
"Peak Refuel is delicious, healthy and tastes amazing. Don't waste your time with other brands that load their meals with sodium and cholesterol to lure you in. Try Peak, and you'll taste the difference." - @utahmulies
Lance Harris
Rachael Anderberg

“It’s the peace of mind knowing that on the days I am working the hardest I get to enjoy meals that not only are satisfying nutritionally but taste great as well. After being fatigued from a vigorous hike or just needing to re-up on proteins while backcountry hunting, I know Peak Refuel has me covered. Give me all those  proteins!” @rachael_anderberg

Rachael Anderberg