Mendes Meals 2022
Mendes Meals 2022

Mendes 8 Pack

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HIGH PROTEIN | 100% REAL GAME MEAT | PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - MENDES 8 PACK (2- Venison Country Casserole, 2- Elk Ragu Pasta, 2- Bison Ranch Mashers, 2- Creamy Peaches and Oats) *Mendes meals excluded from all coupon codes and reward points*

Not today, hunger.

This lightweight pack packs a punch.

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High Protein

Our meals have nearly double the amount of protein per serving than most of the outdoor meals on the market.

Less Water

Peak Refuel meals require less water to cook or rehydrate than most of the outdoor meals on the market. Less water to pack in or filter through a pump = happy hikers.

The Nitty Gritty

Venison Country Casserole
1 of 4 in this pack
Venison Country Casserole
Venison Country Casserole Nutrition Facts
Elk Ragu Pasta
2 of 4 in this pack
Elk Ragu Pasta
Elk Ragu Pasta Nutrition Facts
Bison Ranch Mashers
3 of 4 in this pack
Bison Ranch Mashers
Bison Ranch Mashers Nutrition Facts
Creamy Peaches and Oats
4 of 4 in this pack
Creamy Peaches and Oats
Creamy Peaches and Oats Nutrition Facts

*Creamy Peaches & Oats:
2% Milk (reduced fat milk, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3), whole grain steel cut oats, peaches, heavy cream (cream, carrageenan), brown sugar

*Venison Country Casserole:
Creamy sauce (ground venison, 2% milk [reduced fat milk, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin D3], heavy cream [cream, carrageen], onion carrots, green beans, canola oil, enriched wheat flour[unbleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, enzymes], vegetarian chicken bouillon [salt, maltodextrin, natural flavor, yeast extract, onion powder, celery powder, carrot powder, turmeric extract, spice], salt rosemary, black pepper, thyme), enriched instant white rice (precooked long-grain rice, niacin, iron [ferric orthophosphate], thiamine [thiamine mononitrate], folic acid).

*Bison Ranch Mashers:
Ranch sauce (sour cream [cultured milk and cream, enzymes], salted butter [pasteurized cream, salt] peas, carrots, corn, powdered buttermilk [buttermilk and whey solids], onion powder, beef bouillon salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, natural flavor, onion and garlic powder, caramel color, dehydrated celery and carrot powder, spice], garlic, black pepper, dill, parsley, chives), potato flakes, ground bison

*Elk Ragu Pasta:
Elk Ragu sauce (tomatoes, ground elk, onion, carrots, celery, parmesan cheese [pasteurized part-skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes], olive oil, garlic, heavy cream [cream, carrageenan], beef bouillon [salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, natural flavor (yeast extract, salt, natural flavor), onion powder, garlic powder, tricalcium phosphate, caramel color, sunflower oil, celery powder, carrot powder, spices], thyme, parsley), instant ziti [durum flour (wheat), niacin, ferrous sulfate (iron), thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin and folic acid].
Milk, Wheat


Spending time in the backcountry is what I live for- it's where I go to connect with creation and to recharge my soul. But just like my time spent in the cage, I can't be at my best unless I fuel my passion with the cleanest, highest quality food available. I've partnered with Peak Refuel because they understand this. Together, we've created the best-tasting wild game meals on the planet so you'll have the strength required to fuel your next adventure. Here's to a great season ahead! 

A portion of the proceeds from this meal will be donated to meaningful wildlife conservation projects - Thank you for your support!

  • Total Protein – 300g
  • Total Servings – 16
  • Serving size – ½ pouch
  • Made & Packaged in the USA
  • Total Calories – 8,980


  • 2- Venison Country Casserole 
  • 2- Bison Ranch Mashers 
  • 2- Elk Ragu Pasta 
  • 2- Creamy Peaches & Oats

Peak Bison & Elk & Venison proudly sourced from Durham Ranch in Gillette, WY USA 

Rachael Anderberg

"It’s the nutrient rich ingredients that fuel my body for when I need it most. The delish taste is a massive bonus." - Rachael

Rachael Anderberg
Lance Harris
"Peak Refuel is delicious, healthy and tastes amazing. Don't waste your time with other brands that load their meals with sodium and cholesterol to lure you in. Try Peak, and you'll taste the difference." - Lance
Lance Harris